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Setlist – 10/15/2007

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After filling in for the last hour of Talia’s Louisiana Dance Hall, it’s time to pull out the liquor, pour out a shot, and rock out to some wonderfully intoxicating tunes. Not, mind you, that that would have been an inappropriate response to the past hour of Cajun and Zydeco stuff. It’s just not central to the experience, y’know? Right! I have quite the mix of music tonight; I found the original version of Es Gibt Kein Bier auf Hawaii, and there’s some rockabilly, some country, some hardcore, some crust-punk… seriously runnin’ the gamut tonight. Enjoy!


Wilco – Heavy Metal Drummer (Live)*
Voodoo Glow Skulls – The Ballad of Froggy McNasty
Gaelic Storm – Pina Colada In a Pint Glass
The National – Bitters & Absolut
Dance Hall Crashers – Whiskey & Gin
Brian Setzer Orch. – Tequila (Live)
Bourbon Crow – Alcohol Express
Bourbon Crow – I’m Not Hungover
Bourbon Crow – Drink ‘Till You Ain’t Ugly
Eldo – Oryginalny Pilsner (Me!)
Ray Charles (feat. Clint Eastwood) – Beers To You
Mahal a Roi Banda – L’homme qui boit (the man who drinks)
The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon
Jimmy Buffet – Sunny Afternoon
Jimmy Buffet – The Wino and I Know
Gary & the Gonads – Lager Top Blues
26 Beers – 27 Beers
Malignant Tumor – A Boring Drunken Sod
Caustic Christ – Sobriety Sux
The Restarts – Boozin’
Tanita Tikaram – Twist In My Sobriety
Rome – Wilde Lager
Brian Setzer Orch. – Drink That Bottle Down
Stomper 98 – Alle haben Bier gern
Frühstyxradio – Mike: der Whiskey
Paul Kuhn – Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawaii
Versengold – Des Bier ich in der rechten trug
The Brats – Little Drinks
Less Than Jake – Sobriety Is Serious Business and Business Isn’t So Good
Amazing Royal Crowns – Swimming In Drinks
Rick Wakeman – Swan Lager
Benny Sings – No More Drinks For Me
Suicide – Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne
Tom Waits – Shore Leave

* Playing the Charlottesville Pavilion Sat., Oct. 20th

— devlocke


  1. David Stover, October 17, 2007:

    Hey Josh,

    I was poking around the WRIR site and found your show. Being an old guy I always fall asleep during the second inning of playoff games, but that’s beside the point, except that I’m hardly ever awake when your show is on. I do apologize. OK, occassionally I’ll get up in the middle of the night and run to the john. Anyway … if you’re looking for some more drinking songs you should grab one of Buttercup’s new CD’s “Evil For You”. There are some lying around WRIR, probably in the “local” bin. I think a good 90% of the songs mention alcohol somewhere in there. Of special interest would be “Half Empty” and our version of “(It’s the) Bottle Talkin”. Of course this is a self serving plug for the band of which I play drums in. Sorry I missed the Ray Charles song featuring Mr. Eastwood …

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