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Setlist – 12/22/2008

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Nice. Another 2 hours of all-new stuff for Mother’s Milk. Strap yourself in, but make sure you’ve got a metric ass-ton of booze in arm’s reach before ya do. Because, of course, that’s the only way to properly appreciate Richmond’s only all-drinking-song radio show. Hope ya dig it, thanks for listening, and as always, give me a call in the studio or hit me up on AIM at WRIRAllNight if you’ve got requests or comments. Skaal!


Guns n’ Roses – There Was a Time
Jason & the Scorchers – 200 Proof Lovin’
Page & Plant – Whiskey From the Glass
Brooks & Dunn – Whiskey, Do My Talkin’
Tex, Don, and Charlie – Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down
Ashton Shepherd – Whiskey Won the Bottle
Darrell Scott – The Whiskey That Eases the Pain
Big Bill Boonzy – Whiskey & Good Time Blues
David Honeyboy Edwards – Bad Whiskey & Cocaine
R L Burnside – Everything Like Whiskey
Earl Hines – Whiskey, Knock Him Down
Erroll Dixon – Too Much Whiskey
Psychedilic Cowboys – Hippie Girls and Sippin’ Whiskey
Los Lobos – Whiskey Trail
Murder Inc. – Mrs Whiskey Name
Jerry Garcia – Whiskey From the Jar
Fito & Fitopaldis – Whiskey Borato
Last Real Texas Blues Band – Round of Drinks
Canned Heat – Whiskey Headed Woman No. 2
Beck – Whiskey Can Can
Rodney Atkins – Wasted Whiskey
Arlo Guthrie – Rye Whiskey
Mary Coughlin – Whiskey Didn’t Kill the Pain
Ardmore – Three Young Ladies Drinking Whiskey Before Breakfast
Belvedere – My Girlfriend Only Likes Me When She’s Drunk
Duran Duran – Rio (Always Mix Ya Drinks Mix)
Whiskey Rebels – Sex, Thugs, and Rock n’ Roll
Bright Eyes – An Attempt To Tip the Scales
Barbie & the Hookers – Beer, Wine, and Whiskey
DJ Rax & the Genius – Ghetto Whiskey Rhythms
LA Jones – Whiskey Headed Skunk
Dropkick Murphys – Vice & Virtues

Requests I need to find for next week:
Thin White Rope – Sunday Morning Coming Down
Peter & the Test Tube Babies / The Business – Drinking and Driving Is So Much Fun

— devlocke

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