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Setlist – 03/09/09

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Well, I’m back in the saddle for another week. Next week, Tommy’s got it again, because I’ll be seeing the Pogues in DC – but have no fear, I have tons of Pogues lined up for YOU, in my absence. So we can all get happy hearing the greatest alcoholic who ever lived slur through some classic songs. Only, of course, I will be happier than you. Because I will be hearing it live.

March is, as always on Mother’s Milk, Live Album Month. This week’s selection is Lagwagon’s “Live In a Dive” record, which will be played in its entirety, and uncensored, for your drinking and listening pleasure.

UPDATE:  I changed my mind.  This week’s selection is actually Pigface’s classic “Truth Will Out” – my favorite Pigface record, and unlike the Lagwagon record, something I’ve never played for Live Album Month before.  Enjoy it.

Harold Lee Jenkins – Oh Shit! I Don’t Feel So Good
Ceann – Old Dun Cow
Dear Nora – When I’m Wasted
Upchuck – Jacuzzi Fluzzi
The Strap-Ons – Van of Beer
The Laylons – Roman Candle Fire Fight
Cowboy Barnes & His Drinking Buddies – Suds
Nate Leath & Friends – Moonshiner
The Slack Family – Fergus County Jail
Connor Christian & Southern Gothic – One Toke Over the Line
Octane Saints – Drinkin’
The Fox Hunt – Getting Drunk (By Yourself)
Natasha James – Tequila Time
Jolie Holland – Mexico City
Electric Six – Gay Bar

The live album for this week:
Pigface – “Truth Will Out”

1-01 Can You Feel Pain ? (8:19)
1-02 War Ich Nicht (5:35)
1-03 Point Blank (5:19)
1-04 Do No Wrong (7:19)
1-05 Weightless (5:13)
1-06 White Trash Reggae – Pigface In Your Area (5:27)
1-07 Alle Ist Mein (2:22)
1-08 Hips Tits Lips Power (7:12)
1-09 7 Words (4:21)
1-10 Henry (2:45)
1-11 Jingle Bells (4:46)
1-12 Suck (6:11)

64:54 (disregard)

— devlocke

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