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Setlist – 1/11/2010

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We’ve got tickets to give away tonight, to Zappa Does Zappa on Thursday at the Hat Factory!  Give me a call at the station after you hear me play a Zappa song, and the first one gets ’em.  Cool?  Cool!

UPDATE:  Miss the show?  Download the podcast here.


The Faces – Cindy Incidentally
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Brother, My Cup Is Empty
Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper
The Amoeba Men – Tan Lines and Watered Down Cocktails
Prick – I Apologise
Generation X – Kiss Me Deadly
X – We’re Having Much More Fun
The Simple Things – Vodkas With Stalin (link goes to Jimmy Catlett’s website; there is no site for The Simple Things and Jimmy Catlett went on to… form the Jimmy Catlett Band (surprise!))
Hugo Haggie – Whiskey River Caroline
The Mekons – The Letter
The Cars – Drive
Frank Zappa – Agency Man
Frank Zappa – Rudy Wants To Buy Yez A Drink
That Mitchell and Webb Sound – Season 3 Ep 5 (excerpt)
Frank Zappa – Titties and Beer
The Beach Boys – Chug-A-Lug (Surfin’ Safari)
Horatio Lee Jenkins – Drunker Than Satan
Tom Waits – Jesus Gonna Be Here
Johnny Cash – Kneeling Drunkard’s Plea
The Dolomites – One More Bottle To Drink (link is only thing I could find related to the band; article does not represent the opinions of Mother’s Milk)
Blood Or Whiskey – Breaking Through
The Macc Lads – My Pub
Frank Zappa – Advance Romance
The Waco Brothers – Do What I Say
The Blood – Drunk Addict
Evil Idols – Short Tale About Whiskey And A Lady
Gang Green – Have Fun
Red Alert – Long Night In Long Island
Onkel Tom Angelripper – Caramba, Caracho, ein Whiskey
Onkel Tom Angelripper – Trink, trink Brüderlein trink
Onkel Tom Angelripper – Wer hat das Bier erfunden
Hayseed Dixie – Hungover Brokedown
Dean Martin – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (With Martina Mcbride)
Mudd Helmet – 12 Oz. Closer To God (link goes to Wes Freed’s page; there’s nothing on the Internet for Mudd Helmet, apparently, and Wes Freed was a member (also famous for other bands and DBT album covers))

— devlocke

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