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Setlist – 03/08/2010

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What’s up, guys?  I just finished two hours of Haberdashery, and now I’m ready to hop off the wagon and into a river of booze.  Hopefully, you’ll join me there.  Let’s drink!

UPDATE:  Click here to download the podcast, if you missed the live airing (or just want your own personal copy).


Stormwind – Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live
Fisticuffs – Quittin’ Time
Pedals On Our Pirate Ships – Good Friends, Good Times
Sundials – It Stands A Ground
You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath – I Am Surrounded By Incompetence
The Fall – Couldn’t Get Ahead
Love and Rockets – Yin and Yang (The Flowerpot Man)
Warren Zevon – Lawyers, Guns, and Money (Live)
Fear – I Believe I’ll Have Another Beer
Rehab – Sittin’ At A Bar
Nick Cave – Brother, My Cup Is Empty
Tom Waits – The Piano Has Been Drinking (Live)
Kirsty MacColl – Teenager In Love

Frank Turner Interview – Part One
Pyrates Royale – Drink Old England Dry*
Frank Turner Interview – Part Two
Frank Turner In-Studio Performance

Joe Swank and the Zen Pirates – Sittin’ Here Drinkin’ A Beer
Old 97s – Barrier Reef
Morphine – Thursday
Third Eye Blind – God of Wine
Pulp – The Fear

* – If you listen to the interview, this interlude will make sense.  I wasn’t just interrupting the awesomeness to be arbitrary, I promise!

— devlocke

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