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Setlist – 2/5/2007

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. it’s cold as hell outside. Here’s to your finding a place warmer than my house, and some ice-cold booze to enjoy it with. I will probably be featuring a lot of songs by Slim Dusty (you may know him as the guy who wrote “The Pub With No Beer,” the first Australian tune to top the world charts way back in the day, covered by tons of peoples over the years) and a couple of new songs (to the show) by Great Big Sea, who are an awesome now-defunct-I-think Canadian band.

What’s your favorite bar? Call me at the station (649 9737), IM me, or drop a comment here, and let me know. I’ll tally the results in a few weeks, and announce them.

Read on for the setlist…

The Alkaholiks – 40 Oz. Quartet Parts I & II
2 Skinnee J’s – Brew Ha Ha
Devin the Dude – Still Drinkin, Still Smokin
Johnny Cash – I hardley Ever Sing Beer Drinking Songs
Bob Marley – One Drop
Mischief Brew – The Master Is Drunk
Gwar – Antarctican Drinking Song
The Allman Brothers – Drunken Hearted Boy
TGZ – Pour Me Another Tall One
Buster Poindexter – Who Drank My Beer?
Butthole Surfers – Booze, Tobacco, Dope, Pussy, Cars
AFI – Half-Empty Bottle
Jim White – God Was Drunk When He Made Me
Mercyful Fate – 15 Men (And a Bottle of Rum)
50 Cent & G-Unit – Got Me A Bottle
Slim Dusty – Answer to the Pub With No Beer
50 Pence – In Da Pub
Uknown Band – Bugger Off
Great Big Sea – Concerning Charlie Horse
They Might Be Giants – Alienation’s For the Rich
The Real Mackenzies – Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey
Nerf Herder – Sorry
Bowling For Soup – Last Call Casualty
Pulp – Common People
Buck Owens – Cigareets, Whisky, and Wild Women
R. L. Burnside – Got Messed Up
Dead Milkmen – Instant Club Hit
George Jones – I Hate Everything
Monty Python – Bruce’s Philosophers Song
Drive-by Truckers – Dead, Drunk, and Naked

— devlocke

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