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Setlist – 02/12/07

posted on February 12, 2007 at 10:21 pm · filed under Setlists

Here we go… first post of a setlist on the official website. This is neat. I can’t wait to sit down and configure this mess so it looks a little more lived in; prolly get to that when I get home tonight, actually. For now, I’m gonna be updating this with the setlist, hopefully as I do it, so you get REAL TIME SATISFACTION instead of having to wait for me to get around to throwing the last few songs in every 20 mins or so. If you’re here, go on n’ leave me a comment. I’d like to know if/when anyone’s checking this out.  Read on, for the list.


Brian Setzer Orch. – Drink That Bottle Down
Cake – Sheep Go to Heaven
Supagroup – Rulin’ (Is Its Own Reward)
@ Terry Garland – Jim Beam and the Bible
Stereophonics – Last of the Big Time Drinkers
* Great Big Sea – Kiss My Irish Ass
George Jones – Brothers of a Bottle
The Chills – Doledrums
The Rakes – Work, Work, Work (Pub, Club, Sleep)
@ Dean Fields – Irish Bars
I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House – A Good Day to Be a Bad Husband
Bob Dylan – Yea, Heavy, and a Bottle of Bread
Underworld – Cowgirl (Irish Bar in Kyoto)
@ FSK – Diesel Oktoberfest
Will Haven – Climbing Out This Bottle
Amos Millburn – Good, Good Whiskey
@ Susan Greenbaum – Looks Good
Pat McCurdy – Sex and Beer
Beck – Bottle of Blues
@ Greenland – Moon Masquerade
Unknown Artist – Down the Pub
@ Groove Driver – Bourbon Blues
@ Grouser – Tight Liquor
@ Gray Gurkin – Bottle of Blues

* = I’m not sure I believe that’s actually who this is. But that’s what the guy who gave it to me said, and until I find out otherwise, I’ll go with it.

@ = Local artist

— devlocke


  1. Jeremiah, February 16, 2007:

    It’s weird that your first post is now preceded by a bunch of set lists. Not bad, mind you. Just weird.

  2. devlocke, February 18, 2007:

    Well, the show’s been around a lot longer than the website. What can I do? 🙂

  3. mac, February 20, 2007:

    nice to see grouser represented..

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