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posted on February 18, 2007 at 11:01 pm · filed under Concert News

Hey, this is going to be a regular feature, where I mention any concerts coming through the RVA area that might appeal to my listeners. The first one is a band I’m not too sure I like a LOT, but I know I like at least a LITTLE, and I’m damn sure gonna be there to check ’em out. Read on, for the info.

Against Me! is playing Alley Katz on… holy shit; next Monday? That’s going to be interesting. I have to DJ that night. May have to get someone to drive me to the studio, didn’t realize it was on a Monday night. There’s a couple tracks off their most recent album (‘Searching For a Former Clarity’) that I play on the show, and they also have a song called “Pints of Guinness Make You Stronger” which isn’t all that, but has an AWESOME title, don’t you think? Incidentally, they’re playing WITH the Riverboat Gamblers, who I got a request for a few months back but didn’t have. I’ll try and pick up a CD at the show.

Anyways, Against Me! is pretty cool, judging by SFAFC, anyways; that was in the rotation when I was doing the All-Nighter, which is how I discovered them, and I like that album a lot. I even did a review of it (click here to read it ) for the online magazine Son and Foe. So that’s an officially Mothers-Milk-endorsed-show.

Other stuff you might not be aware of, that I’ll mention later: Reverend Horton Heat and The Tossers are playing Canal Club on March 22nd if I recall correctly. I play stuff by both of those bands all the time; they kick ass in a major way, and they have tons of songs about booze. Definitely check that one out.

The Pogues are doing the East-Coast thing again this March. Last time I checked, tickets were still on sale for one of the New York shows, but everything else was sold out (or at least ‘unavailable’ in Ticketmaster-speak, which I assume means sold out), but even if they’re all sold out, you can probably still find tickets on eBay. There are maybe five bands I’d say paying scalper-prices on the internet for was actually worth it, and the Pogues are at the top of that list. If you like booze, or music, or Ireland, or booze again because it’s quite a wonderful thing, or… well, if you aren’t so jaded that there’s NOTHING you like, you’ll like the Pogues live. They are unequivocably awesome.

That’s it for this update. If you know of a show that would appeal to my chosen forte – i.e. bands with songs about booze, or just bands that are renowned for their drunkenness, even – please let me know, and I’ll spread the word.

— devlocke

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